Emma Lefley



Visual Form and Scale

The sensory experience intended was to create an installation where the senses are being manipulated using light in different environments and spaces. By changing the space and environment where the installation is being projected, the senses are manipulated in different ways by how the light interacting with the space or environment reacts. The amount of light being projected in the space affects the senses and evokes an experience ranging from not much change happening to a lot of change happenening. The sensory experience had by the audience was being emersed in a space where light from projected videos within the space are changing their sensory experience due to the change in the amount of light being allowed into the space. The aesthetics of the installation include two videos, one shot of the sky, trees and sun, and the other shot of the ground. They both invlove movement, allowing the amount of light coming through to change. The videos were then projected into a desired space or environment, being a 6x8 foot black painted room. The piece works technically by having two projectors connected to two computers where the videos are then played and projected into the chosen space or environment. The installation has its own relationship to a time and place, creating a unique sensory experience for each time and place it occured.