Emma Lefley


Expanded Media


Earth is a three-dimensional form with an interior cavity/void. The piece represents an abstract form of a map of the Earth. I used earthy colors as seen from space throughout except for three layers consisting of red, yellow, and purple representing the complexity on Earth. The way in which the layers are stacked and cut represents the geographical differences throughout the Earth. Each void varies with how deep it goes depending on if it is representing a body of water or changes in the geography. I created the piece by creating the outline using Adobe Photoshop and then using a laser cutter to cut the shapes out of acrylic. I painted the pieces and glued them together accordingly to complete the piece.


LED Web is a spider web made out of LEDs programmed using Adruino to light up in the way that a spider actually weaves a web. After the web is entirely lit, I coded it so it will decay to turn off. The code to have the LEDs turn off is coded at random to portray the random decaying of a spider web that actually occurs. The spider web was constructed by poking around two hundred white LEDs in the shape of a spider web through a 12x12 inch piece of cardboard. I then soldered the LEDs to wire conntecting them on the back and created the code for the piece to work.