Emma Lefley



Real Time Motion Detection

Using Computer Vision, I created a mothod of interaction to change an experience by detecting the contours of the person interacting and projecting that onto a wall. The aesthetics of the interaction include a light blue contour line that detects the contours of the interactor. When a lot of motion is being detected, the contour lines increase in movement and appear more often, opposed to when there is no motion at all, no contour lines appear. The interaction creates a space for the interactor to visually experience how their body's motion is detected in real time. It provides an experience where the interactor is in touch with their body's movement and they can see just how much it takes to not produce motion and how little it takes to produce motion. The interaction brings a different sense of awareness to the interactor by showing them the sensitivity of their movements. For myself, the interaction created an experience where I was able to have a deeper awareness of my body's movements and how my body moves on it's own. I noticed that my body produces a lot of movement without me realizing it. Using the program Processing, I programmed the project so that the contours of anything in the camera's view will be detected using blob detection. The contour lines do not appear at all if no motion is being produced in the camera's view, but if the interactor produces motion, the contour lines appear more frequently as the detected motion increases and vice versa. The input of my piece is the interactor entering the camera's view to begin the process of the interaction by introducing themselves as the thing being detected. The processing includes the code picking up the contours of the body and creating lines that appear and move based on the interactors movement. The output includes the result of the interactor's movements and what effect was created by that.