Emma Lefley


Sticky Art Lab

Spring Break Camp: Computer Music and Sound

I facilitated a day long spring break camp at Sticky Art Lab. The theme I chose for the camp was Computer Music and Sound. The campers learned about generating sound using computer technology, elements of music, collaboration, interactivity, and developing art/sound with a sense of digital identity. The campers each created their own sound using various tools including the program Ableton Live, a digital synthesizer, and a MIDI controller. I assigned each of their individual sounds to its own button using an interface I created using the program Processing. The campers then came together to create a collaborative composition by pressing the buttons on the interface.

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  • Work Station width:530;;height:480
  • "> Learning width:472;;height:480
  • Collaborating width:350;;height:480
  • Album Art width:350;;height:480
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