Emma Lefley



Sensor Light Manipulation

I decided to change an experience by having the person interacting with the installation stand in an enclosed space and press a button. By pressing a button, the image projecting on them fades in when the button is pressed and fades out when the button is released. The image I chose to use was a photograph that I took of the sun shining through trees. I chose this image because of the intensity it gains when the button is pressed. When the image fades in, it becomes less opaque, causing more white to show through, causing a bright light to shine on the person in the box interacting with the button. The experience created is the ability for the user to manipulate the intensity of the image/light affecting their sight senses. My experience of the interaction was just that. I stood in the box with my finger on the mouse pad switch, and from there I was able to control the intensity of the light filling the box and hitting my eyes by pressing or releasing the mouse pad. The experience inside the box when the light was at it's most intense was warm and bright. When the light would dim to blue and reach it's lowest level of intensity, a calming effect overtook the box. The fading effect caused by pressing the button has a breathing effect, which contributed to the calming effect. I was able to channel and notice how my feelings matched up or conflicted with my senes during my experience. I built this function by using Processing. I uploaded my image and then created a function where if the mouse is pressed, the image fades in, becoming less opaque, and if the mouse is released, the image fades out, reverting back to the original image. I then projected the outcome onto the inside of a box slightly larger than a person, so that someone could stand inside the box and be surrounded by the projection in order to manipulate the opacity and potentially overwhelm their sight senses by pressing the mouse.