Emma Lefley



Auditory Sensory Experience

I decided to create a unique sensory experience by using sound. I created the installation with the intention that the sensory experience can be changed by moving or placing the same installation in different locations and spaces. I did this by recording a clip of every day sounds while walking outside and through a building. I then took the clip and cut it into four sections and overlapped a sound effect to each section. By adding the sound effects, the sounds become warped and manipulated, changing the experience for the person interacting with the installation. The installation was installed in two different sized rooms in complete darkness. The first room was about 4x8 feet, while the second room was about twice the size of the first room and consisted of higher ceilings. I connected the sound file to a speaker system and let the sound play in each of the rooms. The sensory experience in the first room consisted of a feeling of being there in real life with the sounds around you, causing the imagination to create it's own visualization of what is happening due to the room being completely dark with no light. As the effects changed, the sensory experience changed and the sounds became more intense and the different pitches trigger different feelings within the senses. This then changes the vizualization that was once being experienced to something new. The smaller room created more intense sounds and a denser sense of being encompassed by the sounds and the environment they originally came from. The larger room changed the sensory experience compared to the smaller room by changing the environment and creating a sense of being encompassed by the sounds in a larger space. The sounds were less overwhelming and intense in the larger room because the sound was dispersed differently. This was also due to the fact that in the larger room, the speaker was placed high on a shelf towards the ceiling, while the speaker in the second room was located on the ground in the corner. Moving the speaker around different spaces and locations changes the sensory experience by how the sound is moving around and interacting with the space and the person interacting within it.