Binary Documentation

Binary at Saguaro Man in 2023

Build Process for Saguaro Man 2023

The structure walls are made out of 4’x8′ OSB plywood. The outside of the walls were sanded down to create a smoother surface, and then painted with outdoor hi-gloss paint.

2x4s were glued on and screwed into the inside of each wall for structural reinforcement.

The walls were assembled and attached together with L-Brackets and screws where the inner corners of each wall meet.

The doors were attached to the structure with hinges.

The inside of the structure walls were painted with a shell black paint.

Door handles and hook/eye hooks were attached to each door, 3D printed “Pangender” and “Agender” signs were placed on the outside of each door with solar lights placed above each sign, and the structure was secured to the ground using ratchet straps which were attached to lag screws that were drilled into the ground.

Participant responses to the prompt questions were recorded using a microphone that began to record once the button was pressed. Each recorded response played aloud randomly one after the other through the speakers. All of these components were connected to a RaspberryPi computer.

Next for Binary

Binary will be installed at Burning Man in 2023. Some minor changes will be made to the structure, the technology and the interactive process.