Circuit Building

Students learned how circuits work and how to build circuits through various projects.

Arduino Light Sculptures

Light sculptures containing an LED strip and an Arduino. Students learned how to wire LEDs to an Arduino and how that circuit works.

Below is the light sculpture they created illuminated in the dark.

LED Wristbands

LED wristbands made using an LED, conductive thread and a coin cell battery inside a coin cell battery holder with a power and ground wire lead.

Below shows the circuit the students made. They sewed the LED leads onto the fabric with the conductive thread, and connected the power and ground of the battery holder to the LED accordingly using the conductive thread.

Star Wars Droid Inspired Battle Bots

Circuit was created by connecting the power and ground of the DC motor to the power and ground of the battery pack.

Play Dough Circuits

A play dough circuit to make LEDs light up.