Computer Music Making

I facilitated a day-long computer music camp. The intention of the camp was to facilitate interactive collaborative music making among the participants. I set up various computer music making tools for the group to choose from. The participants in the camp got into small groups, and used the various computer music making tools to create their own music. I created a digital interface using the program Processing, which is comprised of 10 buttons; I programmed each button to play a different sound when pressed. I also set up a midi keyboard, including a library of sounds to play with the keyboard, and a digital synthesizer. Each group took a turn making music together, using the various tools available. I recorded each musical session and uploaded the audio files to the internet. The groups made their own ‘album art’ for their tracks, and I included a link to the audio files on the album art.

Computer music making set-up
Processing sketch comprised of buttons that play sounds when pressed
Album art