Jungle Boogie – 2016

Jungle Boogie is an installation created for the Children’s Discovery Museum in Normal, Illinois. The installation is directed at a young audience with the intention of creating a fun, interactive game where children are encouraged to create a song using various animal sounds made at the touch of a button. The installation was created by a group of eleven people, including myself. Jungle Boogie was constructed in various layers. One group member created the board in which the children will use to press the buttons to create a song. Two members and myself created the buttons that are pressed by soldering wire to pressable buttons and connecting them to a Makey Makey. The Makey Makey was then connected to the program Processing, which another group member and myself programmed. A group memeber then created the sounds of various animals using Ableton Live so that they can be layered over eachother to make a song. We inserted the sound files into Processing so that they can be played on the command of the press of the button connected to the assigned sound file.