What is Whiteness?

This is an in-progress interactive art installation
Phase/Prototype 1:

Participants are invited to respond to the question prompts on the screen by typing one word responses on the keyboard. The words are then displayed in a random location on the screen after participants press enter. The words entered, along with digital synthesizer sounds, are triggered by motion detection, i.e. when a person moves around in front of the screen, different words and sounds show up depending on where they are located on the screen.

Phase 2:

A next phase of the installation is currently being developed.

It is anti-racism piece in which participants are invited to participate in a loving-kindness meditation. The installation space includes a labyrinth design to guide the participants through the walking meditation. Motion detection is incorporated throughout the installation space in order to detect where the participants are located, and depending on where the participants are located, different voices, sounds and images specific to the meditation will be triggered/appear.

It is an intentional space for the audience to reflect on their relationship to racial bias through an active loving-kindness meditation. Walking the path of a labyrinth on the floor of the dome structure, participants are guided by the recorded voices of BIPOC individuals. These voices are cued at specific moments based on the location of the audience members as they travel the labyrinth. Images of the faces of the meditation guides, as well as images to support the act of reflection, also appear as projections on the walls of the dome structure at specific moments in the journey. The experience culminates in a call to action for the participants to shift their thinking regarding their own racial bias and commit to the work of dismantling white supremacy and ending structural and interpersonal racism.